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Pluris Research moves into Cool Springs Life Sciences Center
The Cool Springs Life Sciences Center, a 15-acre ... Industries that Pluris serves include consumer health care, medical-surgical, surgical specialties (including plastic and reconstructive surgery), pharmacology and biotechnology.
XYMOGEN Receives SMART Award for Corporate Excellence in Health Care and Life Sciences Industry
ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - May 21, 2013) - Orlando-based nutraceutical company XYMOGEN announced today that it is the recipient of the 2013 SMART award for corporate excellence in the health care and life sciences industry from the Orlando chapter of ...
UMass Medical School's $1.75 billion contribution to Worcester's economy
"Forty-five percent of Worcester employment is in higher education and health services. Life Sciences create ... Modeling), a provider of "specialty animal models" founded 15 years ago by a former UMass Medical School researcher, Dennis Guberski.
MPR Associates celebrates new Chelmsford digs
based medical, diagnostic and laboratory device services ... federal government, and health and life sciences industries. MPR Product Development, its engineering and industrial design business division, works with clients through technology ...
BioMed Looks Like A Sleep Well At Night REIT
The Life Science sector is considered a newer REIT category that is somewhat of a hybrid between office and health care. The unique characteristics of the Life Science REITs revolve around the mission-critical nature of lab space and the stability of the ...
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Forecasting Explosive Biotech Growth, Investor Patience
Casey Research Analyst Alex Daley sets the record straight in this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report. While the science ... to go from the lab into our everyday lives, it will take considerable time for genetic medicine to fully develop.
Ceres Ventures, Inc. Begins Negotiations of a Memorandum of Understanding with …
This announcement comes following the Company’s successful completion of a laboratory scale treatability study on ... Treatment System has the opportunity to become a cost-effective alternative to conventional treatment systems in the water remediation ...
Cannabis catch-22: PTSD patients could be dropped from state's medical program
“It’s the safest alternative ... at this as a laboratory with state programs, reviewing the evidence and reporting on my findings. At this point, it’s the closest we can come.” Sisley hopes that as more states adopt medical cannabis ...
He holds a MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School, as well as a M.S. in Computer Science (elected President of Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honors Society), a B.S. in Industrial ... of the Bronx Lab School. Bronx Lab is a non ...
Saudi Arabia spends SR 350 million on biotechnology research
Adah Al-Mutairi leads the Laboratory ... and health science research contributes significantly toward improving people's health, minimizing the burden of disease, containing health care costs, and more importantly, improving the quality of life of people ...
Why universities should step up in venture investing
Funding from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) for early development work has also declined substantially. In response, alternative ... laboratory practice and good manufacturing practice capabilities. Portfolios need not be limited to ...