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Digital PH Meter Tester Hydroponic Pool Water Aquarium Pocket Portable Wine New
Milwaukee MW500 ORP mV Digital Meter/Tester, Water/Negative/Redox/SM500
Digital Ph Meter + TDS Tester Aquarium Pool Hydroponic Water Monitor 0-9999 PPM
Digital PH Meter Tester Pocket Portable Pool Water Aquarium Hydroponic Wine New
Milwaukee MA911B/2 pH Electrode/Probe/Sensor, BNC, 2 Meter, MA911 MC120 MC122
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Instant lab is available for life science startups
Most of the lab equipment was either purchased through the state of Michigan or was redundant equipment donated by companies including Pfizer Animal Health ... life science businesses. It opened in 2003. Western Michigan University’s Business Technology ...
General Laboratory Equipment: Global Markets
The lab equipment market ... market research studies in the healthcare domain. Some of these include: Healthcare tracking technologies. Molecular diagnostics market. High-growth markets in healthcare and life sciences. Adoption rates and analysis of ...
General Laboratory Equipment: Global Markets
The lab equipment market is extremely complex in nature ... Bhavna Joshi has more than six years of healthcare domain experience. In addition to business research and consulting, she has conducted corporate briefings for top players in a ...
NTU and Rolls-Royce in S$75 million tie-up
The Rolls-Royce@NTU Corporate Lab is the first of its kind in the world with a university ... has 33,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students in the colleges of Engineering, Business, Science, and Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences.
Research and Markets: Laboratory Equipment Market Report 2013: The UK Laboratory Equipment Market Is Projected To Grow By 11.3% between 2013 and 2017
The laboratory equipment ... as the National Health Service (NHS) and local education authorities, to Government organisations, private hospitals and clinics, and industrial companies. Public-sector laboratories, such as university science departments ...
pH Meter Moisture Meter Soil Testers Acidity Sensor Plant Garden Farm Probe
TDS Meter Digital 6in1 LCD Tester Water Purity PPM Filter PH CF Tem Hydroponic
SKC 225-36-1 Midget Impinger, Glass, 25ml, with Standard Nozzle
Pocket ORP Meter ±999mV Redox Monitor Ionizer Dissolved Oxygen Lab Test Radicals
Milwaukee MW500 Water Negative ORP Meter MW 500 Tester (Replaces SM500)
Milwaukee MW100 pH Meter, Digital, w/ SE220 probe + solutions, Tester, NEW
Lot of 3 DB9M – DB9F Cable (400 mm) ADInstruments / MLAC02
HP Agilent HP 5890 6890 GC 5971 5972 5973 MSD Remote Start Cable 35900-60700
Digital PH Meter Water Hydroponics Pocket Pen Tester Aquarium Pond Pool Test New
Siemens MicroScan Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Turbidity Meter
HM Digital COM-80 Waterproof EC/TDS/Temp HydroTester/Meter, ppm ppt Tester
Axon Instruments Axopatch 1B with 1D MOD (Patch Clamp Amplifier)
SALE$$$$Hach Steri Check Low Range Water Hardness test Strips 50 Pieces exp 2018
BRAND NEW LAB Urine Test Strip Analyzer with Built-In Printer + 400 FREE TESTS
Milwaukee MW600 Dissolved Oxygen DO Meter, SM600 NEW!
Applied Biosystems GeneAmp PCR System 9700 96 Well Thermal Cycler ver 3.12
Detroit Diesel part 5172141 Series IL71 THERMOSTAT Lot AA162
Digital Ph Meter + TDS Tester Aquarium Pool Hydroponic Water Monitor 0-9999 PPM
Milwaukee MW802 Digital pH EC TDS ppm COMBO Portable Meter Tester
Edmund Optics InGaAS Spectrometer i
Pig shield Beta Isotope storage container with Lid, acrylic plexiglass
Magnetic beads separator rack for Ampure beads made for 1.5 mL eppendorf tubes
Milwaukee PH600 + pH 7 Solution, Digital Water pH Meter/Tester/Hydroponic/Pool
GE Superdex 200 10/300 GL Pre-packed SEC Column
Perkin Elmer 2" Hollow Cathode Tube Mn Intensitron lamp 303-6043 for AA spectro
Hach DR890 DR/890 Portable Digital Colorimeter with handbook and accessories
Vintage Blood Gas Calculator Radiometer Copenhagen
MicroScan Renok Rehydrating Inoculator (Set of 3)
HM Digital ZT-2 TDS Water Meter/Tester - for colloidal silver ppm testing
Mini Glass Spoon Micro Spatula 4 Piece Set 5" Medical Lab Pharmacy New
ForteBio Octet QK Lab Biomolecular Data Acquisition Microplate Reader w Dongle
Perkin Elmer 2" Hollow Cathode Tube Te-Sn Intensitron lamp 303-6106 for AA spect
Perkin Elmer 2" Hollow Cathode Tube Ag Intensitron Lamp 5174 for AA spectro
US Digital pH Meter+TDS Tester Aquarium Pool Hydroponic Water Monitor 0-9999 PPM
Unused Vernier Microphone Order Code MCA-BTA
Blood cell counter 5 key with Free Case
Milwaukee SE220 pH Electrode/Probe, BNC, 1M, for MW100 MW101 MW102 Meter
3 in 1 Digital LCD PH/EC/TEMP Water Quality Meter Tester Pen Stick Monitor US
Milwaukee MA871 Refractometer 0-85% Brix, Sugar in Water Meter, hanna/hi96801
Glass Expansion AT1001-Ni Nickel Sampling Cone Agilent 7500 G1820-65238 New
5" Beaker/Jar Lid. Use For Colloidal Silver, Gold, Copper, Or...
Blood Cell Counter 8 Key USA SHIPPING
HM Digital TDS-EZ + 1382 ppm Solution, Water Purity PPM Testing Tester/Meter
Waters Empower 3 FR2, SR2 loaded on Dell i7 Windows 10 pro Computer
Milwaukee PH58 Waterproof pH/ORP/°C Combo Tester/Meter
Millar Hemodynamics Measurement Set w Control Box & MikroTip Catheter NEW!! NFHU
Applied Biosystems SimpliAmp PCR 96 Well Thermal Cycler Warranty A24812 A24811
Thermo Dionex Chromeleon 6.8 Chromatography Management System Version 6.80
Leviton 51020-WM Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor & Noise Filter
Applied Biosystems Heated Cover for 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System, Thermo
0-10% Fish Tank Aquarium Salinity Refractometer Salt Water Tester Hydrometer FH
Dionex Chromeleon 6.8 Chromatography Management System Version 6.80 MANUALS 1&2
New Thermo Scientific 082540 Dionex AERS 500 Anion Regenerated Suppressor 4mm
CPI Photoionization Detector Lamp For Photovac Products
Afinion AS100 Analyzer Axis-Shield PoC HbA1c% Tester And ACR point of care test
HM Digital AP-2 + 1413 us/cm Solution, EC/ºC/ºF Conductivity Meter/Tester
Metrohm 6.2142.010 SC Controller. For 813 Autosampler
Waters,  Column Heater Module, tested with cable , for WATERS 26980, 2695 Allian
Bio-Rad Alpha Dual 30 Well Block Assembly for PTC DNA Engine Thermal Cycler
Bio-Rad Electrophoresis module assembly and lid for Mini-Protean II
Milwaukee Instrumnets MC120 pH Continuous Monitor Meter, SMS120
ADInstruments Needle Electrodes (MLA1213) - AD Instruments
Horiba U-10 Water Quality Checker
DIY Mini Smartphone Spectrometer | Spektrometer | Spectromètre | Espectrómetro
24 Tooth 1.5mm Thick Comb for Thermo OWL B2 Gel Electrophoresis B2-24D
Spectrometer Spectromètre Spektrometre hHigh sensitivity, with Optical Fiber SMA
Milwaukee MA885 Digital Refractometer Brix, °KMW, Grape Juice, Sugar in Wine
Siemens DCA Vantage Analyzer
Biomerieux DensiCHEK Plus Meter for Vitek & Vitek 2 System Bio Merieux 1803301
RFID Blocking Wallet Case Men Large Capacity Black Leather Purse US
23528982 Detroit Diesel Industrial Spark Plug L685
WPC-1028 USFilter Stranco Products Water Particle Counter
Monitek Model 21 Nephelometer Turbidimeter
WILMAD Lab Glass 5mm OD 8" Length 100MHz Economy NMR Sample Tubes 5/Box
ISCO 6712 Controller Portable Wastewater Auto Sampler Controller
Dionex 2pos-10port valve repl. 1/16" 0.15mm PEEK - 6721.9010 P/N VKAB103266
HM Digital COM-80 + PH-80 + PH-STOR + PH-BUF + C342 COMBO - PH/TDS/EC/PPM Meter
Warranty Laptop Loaded with BioTek Gen5 software PowerWave Synergy ELX800 FLX800
Hach DR/2000 spectrophotometer
Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode (Basi RE-5B) Brand New - Several for sale
Brand New HemoCue Glucose 201 Analyzer
HP 5890 SERIES II GC Interface Communication Board 19242-60010
BioPac General Purpose Transducer Amplifier-Excellent
Milwaukee MW11 Total Chlorine Tester/Meter, Chloramine Combined Chlorine Testing
Agilent/HP 1050 Autosampler with 100 sample tray
20mm FLIP-OFF Seal Vial Crimper Crimping Machine Tool +100 Caps Rubber Stoppers
Shimadzu GC-8A TCD Gas Chromatograph GC - Several Available
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Research and Markets: Shimadzu Medical Device Company Intelligence Report
Shimadzu Corporation is a Japan-based precision instruments manufacturer that provides various industries around the world with analytical, medical, aircraft and industrial instruments ... chemical and life sciences; surface analysers mainly ...
Xylem's YSI Introduces Several New Instruments To Increase Efficiency And Decrease Costs In The Lab
About Xylem Analytics Xylem’s analytics businesses are leading manufacturers of premium field, portable, laboratory and online analytical instruments used in water and wastewater, environmental, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and life science ...
Research and Markets: Shimadzu Medical Device Company Intelligence Report
Shimadzu Corporation is a Japan-based precision instruments manufacturer that provides various industries around the world with analytical, medical, aircraft and industrial instruments and services. The company operates in four business segments ...
Oxford Instruments Launch New Benchtop, Cryogen-free NMR Analyser for Lab and Industrial Application
About Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis offers a range of analytical ... science and technology. Its products, expertise, and ideas address global issues such as energy, environment, security and health.
BIT Group to Showcase Innovative Hybrid System Design at AACC
SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BIT Group has now concluded the full product launch of the DRG: Hybrid XL Analyzer and plans to showcase the revolutionary hybrid system design at the upcoming AACC Clinical Lab ... to medical and industrial instrument OEM ...
Waters Corporation Earnings Conference Call (Q2 2013)
Waters Corporation operates as an analytical instrument manufacturer primarily in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Asia. The company designs, manufactures, sells, and services high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), ultra performance liquid ...