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2.5 in Optical Glass Triangular Prism Teaching Light Spectrum Physics USA SELLER
10Pcs Mini 650nm 5mW 5V Laser Dot Diode Module Head US SHIPPING M103
BRAND NEW ~ 7W ~ NUBM47-A1 / NUBM44-V2 LASER DIODE ~ 450nm ~ 9mm ~ TO-5 7-WATT
Microchannel Plate 18mm GEN 3 Image Intensifier Night Vision Tube CCD ICCD Optic
Avantes Fiber Optic Cable Assembly Lot
Custom Laser High Power Burning Pointer 520nm Engraving Copper NDG7475T Green
Instant lab is available for life science startups
Most of the lab equipment was either purchased through the state of Michigan or was redundant equipment donated by companies including Pfizer Animal Health ... life science businesses. It opened in 2003. Western Michigan University’s Business Technology ...
General Laboratory Equipment: Global Markets
The lab equipment market ... market research studies in the healthcare domain. Some of these include: Healthcare tracking technologies. Molecular diagnostics market. High-growth markets in healthcare and life sciences. Adoption rates and analysis of ...
General Laboratory Equipment: Global Markets
The lab equipment market is extremely complex in nature ... Bhavna Joshi has more than six years of healthcare domain experience. In addition to business research and consulting, she has conducted corporate briefings for top players in a ...
NTU and Rolls-Royce in S$75 million tie-up
The Rolls-Royce@NTU Corporate Lab is the first of its kind in the world with a university ... has 33,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students in the colleges of Engineering, Business, Science, and Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences.
Research and Markets: Laboratory Equipment Market Report 2013: The UK Laboratory Equipment Market Is Projected To Grow By 11.3% between 2013 and 2017
The laboratory equipment ... as the National Health Service (NHS) and local education authorities, to Government organisations, private hospitals and clinics, and industrial companies. Public-sector laboratories, such as university science departments ...
M140 M-Type Laser Diode · 445nm · 5.6mm · 2W · 2-Watt Blue Beam · TO-18
BlackBuck 8M (r3.1) 8A Buck Laser Driver NUBM44, NUMB05, NUBM06, NUBM08 ect....
50pcs 5V 5W Laser Dot Diode Module Head WL Red mini 650nm 6mm Copper Head
NEW!!! G-7 Laser Engraving - Glass Collimation/Focusing Lens - G7 Pointer M9x0.5
HAMAMATSU S7031-0906 CCD Back-thinned CCD area image sensor detector TE Cooled
M140 A-Type Laser Diode * 445nm * 5.6mm * 1.6W 1.8W Blue Beam * TO-18
Bosch GPL3 - 3-Point Self-Leveling Alignment Laser- GPL3-RT - RECON w/WARRANTY!
50W CO2 Laser Tube Metal Head Glass Pipe 800mm Fit Cutting Engraving Machine
Triangular Prism Optical Spectrum Glass Spectrum Tool For Photography NEW
445nm 2.5W 2500mW Blue Laser Module With Heatsink DIY Laser Cutter Engraver US
NEW IPG Phononics PLD-70 fiber coupled 60w laser diode dpss cnc cutting burning
MCWlaser 80W (Peak 100W) CO2 Laser Tube 120cm RECI EFR Replacement Ship from US
Brand New LPM - Hyperion Argentum Hobbyist OEM Laser Power Meter 20 Watt Sensor
Optical Triple Prism Physics Light Spectrum 8*2.5*2.5cm Teaching M5N0B
NEC GLT2152 He-Ne Helium Neon Gas Laser Tube 53605572 & HVR-C234H-1 Power Supply
Nichia NDB7875 ~ 445nm ~ Blue Laser Diode ~ 9mm - T05 ~ Engraving Lasers ~
Focusable Analog & TTL 5.5W 5500mW 450nm blue laser module Engrave cutter
500mw 808nm Infrared IR Laser Diode Dot Module TTL 12V Carving USA
7W NUBM44-V2 450nm Laser Diode In Copper Module W/Leads & G-2 Glass Lens
Custom 7W+ Handheld Laser Engraving Pointer Kit - 450nm - NUBM44 - Burning Blue
1pc 10Miles 532nm Power Green Laser Pointer Pen Visible Beam 16340 Lazer USA
405nm 180~200mW Blue-Violet Focus adjustable Laser Dot module
LASER DIODE trumpf/coherent FAP 25 WATT BURN HIGH POWER with voltage converter
Red Line Laser Module Focus Adjustable Laser Head Industrial Grade 5mW 650nm
Light-tight Cuvette Holder/Housing with Two SMA 905 Fiber Adaptors
Custom 5 Mode 1.5W Handheld Laser Engraving Pointer Kit - 445nm Blue Burning
Ocean Optics S2000 UV/Vis Fiber Optic Spectrometer
Narishige PE-21 Glass Microelectrode Puller
650nm 5mW Red Laser Line Module Focus Adjustable Laser Head 5V US SHIPPING M201
10pcs 1mW 650nm Red Laser Pointer Pen Visible Beam Light AAA Lazer USA
45 mm Laser Diode House Case with Lens LW
New Anamorphic prism pair for laser beam shaping(on vacation)
M140 M-Type Laser Diode · JAPAN · 445nm · 5.6mm · 2W Engraving / Burning
7W NUBM44-V2 450nm Laser Diode In Copper Module W/Leads & Glass Lens
pointmaster for femtosecond laser,clark-mxr bps-100 remote,pointmaster,clark-mxr
RED HeNe Laser Kit with Tube & Power Supply Working, for Demo Education Research
20 Miles Green+Blue+Red 1mW Laser Pointer Pen Visible Beam Light+18650+Charger @
Fused Silica - Optical Glass Disc 2"x 0.25" 50.8mm -Flat Substrate -Laser window
Spectrometer Collimating Lens for Ocean Optics Spectrometers - Collimator
One 8cm Optical Glass Triple Triangular Prism Physics Teaching Light Spectrum
Laser Module Heatsink Brass 18oz Laser Pointer Host Nichia Osram Military
BlackBuck 8M (r3.1) 8A Buck Laser LED Constant Current Driver - NUBM44 NUBM08
Blue Light, 473nm Laser-optical assembly
Premium 60w CO2 Laser Tube fits Laser Engraver Cutting Machine 100% New
Lot of 2 One Inch Glass Corner Cube Trihedral Prisms RetroReflector, Surveying
Universal Laser refill service with 1 Year warranty
Adjustable SMA 905 collimator (185-2200nm) with external 0.53"-40 UNF
JENOPTIK JOLD-70-CPFN-1L Laser Class 4
5A Laser Diode Constant Current Driver - 3W 4.5W 6W Engraving - TTL - 12V - Fan
AngioDynamics Precision 980 Plus Endovenous Laser System "key broken"
Oriel Instruments Dovetail 12 Inch Optical Rail, 11502 used in working condition
Adjustable SMA 905 connector with external 0.53"-40 UNF
Burleigh RC-44 Programmable Ramp Generator
G-2 405nm/445nm/515nm - Laser Lens - Collimation Glass lens - 1 pcs - G2
50W CO2 Laser Tube Glass Pipe 800 mm 10.6μm for Engraving Machine
Nichia NUBM44 450nm Laser Diode Module Copper High Power With G2 Lens
12mm Aluminum Cooling Housing Heat Sink Holder Mount Part For Laser Module USA
Focusable 450nm 3.5W-4W Blue Laser Module Carving/Burning/Engraning Gift Goggles
BK7 - Optical Glass Disc 2"x 0.125" 50.8mm -Flat Coating Substrate -Laser window
USA! 20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine Metal Engraver / Marker FREE Rotary Device
NDB7875 445nm 1.5-2.0 watt Blue Laser Diode
2A SXD Super X-Drive Laser Driver - NDB7875 - NDB7675 - NDG7475 - NUGM01T
450nm 15W Blue Laser Module With Heatsink For Laser Cutter Engraver DIY
Laser Optics, 2" X 2" First Surface, Mirror Only, One Lot of 3
Thorlabs 210 detector
Assortment of Thorlabs and Newport lens holders
Trumpf mirror
Sharp 488nm - 490nm GH04850B2G 55mW Laser Diode
M140 M-Type JAPAN 2W+ 445nm LASER DIODE in Module w/ G-2 Lens & Leads
6.35mm Aspherical Lens Holder / 405-G-2 Lens Holder M9*0.5mm
3 Element Glass Collimating AR Lens 405nm - 445nm - 450nm Laser Diode M9/P0.5
Focusable 450nm 3W Blue Laser Module TTL Carving/Burning/Engraning Gift Goggles
NEW Optical Grade First Front Surface Mirror Lasers Optical Scanners Lab Camera
Spectrum 6/150 Triangular Photography Prism Optical Crystal Glass Physics Best
Prism Laser Beam Combine Cube Prism Mirror for 405nm~ 450nm Blue Laser Diode 5W
AC 110V 100W Laser Power Supply For CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter Machine MYJG-100W
Thorlabs 1.5 inch diameter mounting post mounting accessories
405nm 500mw blue-violet 12V Laser Module Focusable Adjustable Engraving 2.1 DC
Beam Combiner Set 20mm ZnSe Laser Beam Combiner Mount Laser Pointer for Cutting
BK7 Plano-Convex Lens, 300mm Focal Length, 34.29mm Dia. 1 lot of 4pcs.
Fiber optic - custom side emitting, or receiving. - Ceramic SMA 905
Misc Lot of 5 Optical Post 1/2" DIA 2EA 3/4"L 1EA 1"L 1EA 2"L 1EA 8mm DIA x 2"L
New CLEVELAND CRYSTALS CX819 Q-Switch 1064 nm
BRAND NEW Nichia NUBM44 7W 450nm LASER DIODE in Module w/ G-2 Lens & Leads XL
Melles Griot 7.75 mm Diameter, Laser Mirror New Lot of 2
Pair of Thorlabs 1.5 inch post vertical mounting platform with thru holes
100W CO2 USB Port Laser Engraving Cutting Machine 700x500mm Engraver Cutter
PicoQuant PRT 400 TTL SPAD Router Timeharp 200 Single Photon Counting
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11100
UK biotech gains further £47.2m from Biomedical Catalyst funding
Universities and Science Minister David Willetts said: “Investing in new ideas for technology now means that the UK will maintain its position as a global leader for innovation. Through our life sciences ... technology business from the lab bench and ...
Iron Man meets HULC: exoskeleton suit coming to a body near you
Wearable machines that enhance human muscle power are poised to leave the realm of science ... business development manager for Lockheed's program. "There's a host of industries where this works." The first commercial sale of a medical unit – not for ...
Lockheed enters exoskeleton race
Commercial exoskeletons are just echoes of Hollywood's take on Iron Man's bulletproof garb and the armour that Heinlein envisioned for his futuristic warriors. Ekso Bionics' device for spinal patients looks like the lower ... to people face-to-face ...
Iron Man Meets HULC as Lockheed Enters Exoskeletons Race
the business development manager for Lockheed’s program. “There’s a host of industries where this works.” The first commercial sale of a medical unit -- not for lab or hospital tests -- came in September, pioneering a field that may ...
LAM 2013 Presents Ground Breaking Applications in AM
Situated in its largest venue yet, LAM 2013 featured more than 20 presentations covering everything from nuts-and-bolts cladding and repair to sky ... attendees had been treated to a workshop rich in detail, organized in eight segments.
Techcomp Acquires Majority Stake in Edinburgh Instruments
Its Europe-based subsidiary, Techcomp Europe Group, makes and distributes analytical instruments, life science equipment and laboratory instruments ... spectrometers, lasers and gas sensors for scientific research and industrial markets and employs ...