Business & Industrial Healthcare, Lab & Life Science Lab Equipment Microscope Parts & Accessories
AmScope 144 Pre-Cleaned Blank Microscope Slides & 200 22x22mm Square Cover Glass
AmScope Adjustable 144 LED Ring Light Illuminator for Stereo Microscope & Camera
AmScope Adjustable 144 LED Ring Light Illuminator for Stereo Microscope & Camera
AmScope MU1000 10MP Microscope Digital Camera + Software
OMAX 18.0MP USB3.0 Microscope Digital Camera with Software and Calibration Slide
AmScope 50 Pre-Cleaned Blank Microscope Slides + 100 22x22mm Square Cover Glass
Instant lab is available for life science startups
Most of the lab equipment was either purchased through the state of Michigan or was redundant equipment donated by companies including Pfizer Animal Health ... life science businesses. It opened in 2003. Western Michigan University’s Business Technology ...
General Laboratory Equipment: Global Markets
The lab equipment market ... market research studies in the healthcare domain. Some of these include: Healthcare tracking technologies. Molecular diagnostics market. High-growth markets in healthcare and life sciences. Adoption rates and analysis of ...
General Laboratory Equipment: Global Markets
The lab equipment market is extremely complex in nature ... Bhavna Joshi has more than six years of healthcare domain experience. In addition to business research and consulting, she has conducted corporate briefings for top players in a ...
NTU and Rolls-Royce in S$75 million tie-up
The Rolls-Royce@NTU Corporate Lab is the first of its kind in the world with a university ... has 33,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students in the colleges of Engineering, Business, Science, and Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences.
Research and Markets: Laboratory Equipment Market Report 2013: The UK Laboratory Equipment Market Is Projected To Grow By 11.3% between 2013 and 2017
The laboratory equipment ... as the National Health Service (NHS) and local education authorities, to Government organisations, private hospitals and clinics, and industrial companies. Public-sector laboratories, such as university science departments ...
60-LED Adjustable Ring Light illuminator Lamp For STEREO ZOOM Microscope US Ship
AmScope 72 Pre-Cleaned Blank Microscope Slides and 100 22x22mm Square Cover Glas
Andonstar ADSM-201 and ADSM-302 HDMI microscope POLARIZER KIT
Zeiss Epiplan NEOFLUAR 5x/0.15 DIC Prism Slider
AmScope 25 Glass Prepared Microscope Slides with Wooden Box
LOMO Circular Stage for Polarizing Microscopes, X-Y Sample and Condenser Holder
R150182 Olympus SZ2-ST SZ Microscope Stand / Stage
AmScope 144 LED Adjustable Compact Microscope Ring Light + Adapter Black Finish
AmScope RU050 0.5X C-mount Reduction Lens for MU Series Cameras
Microscope 32 mm Polarizing Filters Set of 2 - Very Affordable Accessory Set!
Physik Intrumente (PI) XYZ Stage, PZT, P282.40
AmScope HC210 Microscope HDMI Camera with Standalone Recording
Wild Heerbrugg Microscope M40 Illuminator Light Tube w/ Bracket etc. Swiss NR!
Vintage S. A F. Koristka Milano "Fert" Binoculars
2 New GE Microscope Light Bulbs Type 1634
60-LED Adjustable Ring Light illuminator Lamp For STEREO ZOOM Microscope US Plug
AmScope Articulating Stand with Post Clamp and Focusing Rack for Stereo Microsco
Olympus WHN10X 22 Matched Pair Microscope Eyepiece Lens BX UIS2 Nice!
AmScope 100X (Oil) Achromatic Microscope Objective for Compound Microscopes
LOMO Lumam 100 Watt Mercury Lamp Housing for Fluorescence Microscopy
AmScope SW24T 20x-40x Super Widefield Stereo Trinocular Microscope Head
EXFO X-Cite 120 XE120 Fluorescence Illumination System w/ Collimating Adapter
AmScope MU1803 18MP USB3.0 Real-Time Live Video Microscope Digital Camera
Point Grey Grasshopper GRAS-14S5M-C 1.4mp camera (Sony ICX285 chip)
Wild Heerbrugg Microscope Nosepiece Turret 6 Position Swiss Optic Nice NR!
LOMO Microscope Mirror with Planar and Concave Surfaces, 5 cm Diameter
AO American Optical Microscope 12v-100w Lamp Socket Series 20 & others EXC
Wild Heerbrugg Microscope Objectives HI 100x, 40x,10x, 4x & 4 Position Nosepiece
Blank Microscope Slide Single Concave Cavity Depression Slides
AmScope SM05 0.5X Barlow Lens For SM Series Stereo Microscopes (48mm)
Zeiss Microscope Binocular Lens f=125
LOMO Mirror for Microscope Illumination with Unusual Cylindrical Mount
Meiji Techno 10x SWF Eyepieces #MA502
AmScope SM745TP 7X-45X Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope Simul-Focal Head
Lor of 5 Leitz Microscope Objectives - NPL40/.65 NPL25/.5 NPL16/.4 10/.25 4/.12
AmScope Solid Aluminum Single-Arm Microscope Boom Stand for Stereo with 84mm Pil
AmScope Achromatic Objectives : 4X, 10X, 40X 100X Lot of 4 pieces
Winkel Zeiss Gottingen Microscope 12X Optical EyePiece Lens Germany
LOMO Microscope Illuminator with Halogen Bulb (+1 extra)
OPTICAL TV LENS VICON 8MM 1:1.3 with Pro Master Cover
Bauch & Lomb SZ5 Microscope Pod (Eye: 15x WF)
HD 5.0 MP Digital USB Video Camera Microscope Eyepiece C Mount 23.2mm Adapter
Nikon Trinocular Tube "F"
1080p HDMI Digital Camera for Standalone and PC Imaging
One New GE Microscope Bulb Lamp Type 1631X
Blank Microscope Slide Single Concave Cavity Depression Slides
Vintage Mechanical Stage For Microscope
AmScope LED-6WA 6 Watt LED Dual Gooseneck Piggyback Illuminator
Leica ICT Polarizer 553 489
American Scientific Products Microscope
LEITZ UT5 Universal Stage, in very nice condition
AMSCOPE-KIDS Microscope Slide Preparation Kit with Microtome, Slides, Stains
Nikon 50x/0.90 WD 0.42, CF Plan Apo, ∞/0 BD Objective
Dolan Jenner MI-LED-US-B1 Fiber-Lite LED Light Source with Dual Pipe
OLYMPUS Microscope U-TLU Single Port Tube Lens
Photometrics ROPER LVDS Cable for CoolSnap Cascade Cameras 37-071-001 Tested
Nellcor Covidien OxiMax N-560 SpO2 Patient Monitor Oximeter
AmScope 5.0 MP USB Still Photo & Live Video Microscope Imager Digital Camera 5MP
AmScope CA-CAN-SLR Canon SLR/DSLR Camera Adapter for Microscopes
OMAX Heavy Duty Aluminum Carrying Case for Compound Microscope w Protection Foam
Reichert 410 Microstar 4 Laboratory Microscope VGC
Boxed Set of Eyepieces for LOMO MBS-200 or MCCO Stereo Microscopes (d = 40mm)
AmScope Microscope Foldable Eyepiece Eyeshields or Eye-guards
Leitz Microscope Objective L 10/0.22 UT 16/0.35 P (strain free) Biological
CONAIR Circular Fluorescent Lamp Bulb for Makeup Mirrors FC12 12W 5.5" Diameter
5 Sizes Binocular Rubber Eye Cup Eye Guard Eye Shield Microscope Telescope
5 Sizes Binocular Rubber Eye Cup Eye Guard Eye Shield Microscope Telescope
36" Stainless steel FIBER OPTIC RING LIGHT 
14MP 1080P Industry C-mount Digital HDMI USB Video Microscope Camera Zoom Lens
Zeiss Microscope Objective F Achromat F10/0,25 # 46 04 05
ZEISS / LEP Model: 910112 Microscope Lamp Power Supply Illumination Transformer
6-8v Leitz Microscope Lamp Power Supply Illumination Transformer Model: 050250
Leitz Microscope Lamp Power Supply Illumination Transformer Model: 050-262
Carl Zeiss S-Kpl 10X/20 Goggle Photographic 23mm Eyepiece, VG Condition!
AmScope LED-6W Powerful 6 Watt LED Dual Goose-neck Illuminator
AmScope SE Series Stereo Microscope Eyepiece Eyeshields or Eye-guards
LOMO Compensator Wedge for Polarizing Microscope
Carl Zeiss EPIPLAN-HD 80/0.95, Microscope Objective, Very Good Condition!
AmScope 100pc Pre-Cleaned 18mm Diameter Round Microscope Glass Cover Slides Cove
14MP 1080P Industry C-mount Digital HDMI USB Video Microscope Camera Zoom Lens
Stereo Microscope Single-Arm Boom Stand Heavy Duty New
5 Sizes Binocular Rubber Eye Cup Eye Guard Eye Shield Microscope Telescope
Nikon Microscope camera adapter 38 mm w/tube 2 Sony A mount Wild, Leica, Leitz
AmScope 25 Glass Prepared Zoological & Botanical Microscope Slides w Plastic Box
Olympus BH2-RFL-T2 Power Supply for Microscope Light 100W High Pressure Mercury
5 Sizes Binocular Rubber Eye Cup Eye Guard Eye Shield Microscope Telescope
Dolan-Jenner Model 190 Fiber-Lite Fiber Optic Light Source Illuminator microscop
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WEALTHMAKERS.COM Issues Bullish Research Reports on AUXL, FEIC, ICLR, NDSN, NIHD, R
Based on IBMs work on Deep Blue (now called "Watson"), this powerful database technology matched with hundreds of data feeds and the ability to find patterns ... in 1971 and is headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon. ICON PLC (NASDAQ:ICLR) - ICON Public ...
Olympus Expands Industrial Microscope Distribution Network New Dealers Further Strengthen Olympus Sales and Service Capability in the U.S.
Olympus has named B&B Microscopes, Ltd., and Hunt Optics and Imaging, Inc., exclusive Olympus industrial microscope dealers ... creating innovative opto-digital solutions in healthcare, life science and consumer electronics products. Olympus works ...
Miracle material: the graphene revolution
In Cambridge Ferrari says that ‘we’re going to sign up 20-30 companies’. Commercial partners that the Cambridge centre lists on its website currently include Du Pont, Dyson, Johnson Matthey, Nokia, Plastic Logic and Philips, among others.
Nanotechnology in Japan - companies, research, and university labs
The support of nanotechnology by the Japanese government started in 2001 with the 2nd Science and Technology ... ventures in such areas as healthcare, biotechnology, nanotechnology, information electronics and environmental business. Mitsui has established ...
Danaher Management Discusses Q1 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript
Despite this low-growth environment, the Danaher Business ... industrial and medical markets. The recently launched SP8 modular confocal laser scanning microscope continues to be well received globally and was a strong contributor to growth in the Life ...
A sound idea: Innovative lens takes shape as commercial product
Additionally, the National Science Foundation announced that it was awarding a Small Business Innovation ... of converting a laboratory-grade gadget into an industrial high-precision lens that electronic device manufacturers and medical imaging companies ...