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VacuMaster Economy Vacuum Pump - 2-Stage 8 CFM Rotary Vane 1/2ACME inlet
CG Chemglass Vacuum Pump MPU 933-N726.0 Two Heads PTFE Diaphragm Oilless 10 Torr
McGaw Metripro I.V. Intravenous Controller N7531 / 32 I.V Infusion Pump In Box
Filtr8 Lab Filtration Vacuum Pump
CG Chemglass Vacuum Pump MPU 933-N726.0 Two Heads PTFE Diaphragm Oilless 10 Torr
Easy Expression Bustier, Large, Black Breast Pumping Bra New in Packaging 
Instant lab is available for life science startups
Most of the lab equipment was either purchased through the state of Michigan or was redundant equipment donated by companies including Pfizer Animal Health ... life science businesses. It opened in 2003. Western Michigan University’s Business Technology ...
General Laboratory Equipment: Global Markets
The lab equipment market ... market research studies in the healthcare domain. Some of these include: Healthcare tracking technologies. Molecular diagnostics market. High-growth markets in healthcare and life sciences. Adoption rates and analysis of ...
General Laboratory Equipment: Global Markets
The lab equipment market is extremely complex in nature ... Bhavna Joshi has more than six years of healthcare domain experience. In addition to business research and consulting, she has conducted corporate briefings for top players in a ...
NTU and Rolls-Royce in S$75 million tie-up
The Rolls-Royce@NTU Corporate Lab is the first of its kind in the world with a university ... has 33,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students in the colleges of Engineering, Business, Science, and Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences.
Research and Markets: Laboratory Equipment Market Report 2013: The UK Laboratory Equipment Market Is Projected To Grow By 11.3% between 2013 and 2017
The laboratory equipment ... as the National Health Service (NHS) and local education authorities, to Government organisations, private hospitals and clinics, and industrial companies. Public-sector laboratories, such as university science departments ...
NEW Iwaki Magnet Pump MD-15R-NL35 16/19 L/min w/ 1/2" Hose Connections
12V Large Flow Rate DC Motor Peristaltic Vacuum Pump DC Motor Dosing
Edwards 12 RV12 Rotary Dual Vane Stage Vacuum Pump
braun vista basic iv infusion pump
Welch 2585b-55 Vacuum Pump Lab 1 Phase Vacuum/Pressure Standard Duty Dry Pump
Warren Rupp Sandpiper S05B2PUTPNS000 Air Operated Diaphragm Pump 100psi 14gpm
Schwarzer Precision Air-Vacuum Pump compatible with Arduino for Lab/DIY Projects
Sensidyne AA Series Micro Air Vacuum Pump AA060INSNF40VC2 (WHSE 2.28A1)
Stainless Steel Aspirator Pump,Humboldt,Lab Vacuum Hydro Aspirators Filter Pumps
Sensidyne Gilian BDX-II Personal Air Sampling Pumps - BNIB
ANKO MITY FLEX Model # 907-101-3014-64 Peristaltic Pump
Filtr8 Lab Filtration Vacuum Pump; Used only once!
Peristaltic Pump DC 12V Large Flow Dosing Pump Fr Vacuum Aquarium Lab Analytical
NWT Towncraft Men's Flat Front Easy Care Elastic Waist Shorts - Navy Blue - 42W
Lab Hand-held Vacuum Pump,Handle Vacuum Pressure Suction Pumps,Max 550mm Hg
BIO-RAD HydroTech Vacuum Pump
Circulating Water Vacuum Pump Lab Chemistry Equipment Air #170346
IDEX MICROPUMP model 000-380 p/n 83626 type bldc 58211 w/ L27368 pump (new)
Lumenis External Pressurized Purge Air Compressor Acce 01000 15 W 100 120 Vac
Sensidyne BDX 530 Heavy Duty Super Sampler Pump
Sensidyne Gilian BDX-II Personal Air Sampling Pump
Mec-O-Matic PulsaFeeder 2400T Chemical Feed Pump
Manostat Ministaltic Pump, Catalog 72-100-000
Thermo Savant GP110 Gel Vacuum Pump GP110-115
Knight On-Premise Plus Laundry Liquid Dispenser KM-8050504 w/ Remote Control
GAST model DAA V129 EB Oilless Diaphram Vacuum Pump Double Headed
Air Cadet Vacuum/Pressure Station Cole Parmer Model 7059-40
GAST Rocking Piston Oil-less Pump 87R642-103R-N470X
Sargent Welch Metra Inc 8804 SarVac Vacuum Pump Roughing Kit NC-301 AT-250-50
Flex-Pro A3V Series Peristaltic Metering Pump
Bio-RAD Buffer Recirculation Pump
High Pressure Stainless Steel Harvard Apparatus Syringes
PerkinElmer Peri Pump w/501RL2,2.4mm WT Tube+Lockable Guard,Watson Marlow-PULLED
Hand Held Vacuum Pump Brake Bleeder Set Bleed Tester Tool Kit
GAST DOA-P701-AA Oil-Less Diaphragm Pump 115 V 4.2 amp ***Warranty***
Micropump MAGNETIC DRIVE GEAR PUMP with 115 volt motor
Thomas Compressor / Vacuum Pump 607CA32 115V Rebuilt - 50+ PSI Aeration PUMP!
Thomas Compressor / Vacuum Pump 639CE50 115V Rebuilt - 50+ PSI Aeration PUMP!
Gast Compressor/Vacuum Pump DOA-P104-AA, 115V, 4.2 Amp, 60 Hz
DC3V Micro Vacuum Pump Super Mini Air Pump Medical Pump 30KPa 0.28L/m 160mA
Alcatel ZM2008A 2008A vaccum pump in original box
Hand Held Vacuum Pressure Pump Tester Kit Brake Fluid Bleeder Bleeding Kit
New InstruTech Hornet IGM-400, Dual CBG input Ion Gauge (PN:IGM402YBX-TF1A)
Schuco S130P VACUUM PUMP asperator-suction, 2.9 amps,560mm Hg,1/10HP motor,works
FMI Q-pump Cerampump Q402-2 Base Assembly Head
Diener Gear Pump/Micropump® A-Mount Cavity Style Head;316SS body;Peek Gears(026)
American Educational Hand Operated Vacuum Pump Without Gauge American Educationa
MicroPump 82129 Magnetic Drive Miniature Pump 3000rpm 1/20hp
Thomas Industries Pump Model 905CA23TFE-217A - EXCELLENT condition, low run time
InstruTech IGM-400 Hornet Hot Cathode Ionization Vacuum Gauge Dual Convection
Vici Valco E90 120V 50/60Hz Multi Position Electric Actuator Valve #7163 Y
Best Value Vacs Closed Column Vacuum Pump Adapter
12V Large Flow Peristaltic Pump Tube Dosing Vacuum Aquarium Lab Analytical DL
MasterFlex Digital Console Drive (Model: 7523-30), PSU
Nalgene Hand Operated Vacuum Pump
​110V Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Oil Free Dual Head 30 L/min GM-0.50B
Pump Handle LeLuv TYRO Quick-Release Valve 1/4 Inch Barbed Fitting
FAULHABER P0614-2874-1 0614-2173-6 Micro Dual Air Pump w/ Seal Kit 3V-9V 0.2A
TERA PUMP Rotary Barrel Chemical Hand Drum Pump-Polypropylene TRRP90P
Best Value Vacs 1 Gallon Premium Vacuum Pump Oil
Fisherbrand 19 Mechanical Pump Fluid Fisher Scientific 4L Vacuum Oil 01-184-150B
Lot of 4 Tecan Cavro XLP3K 20738439-C Motorized Syringe Injector Valve Pump
Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Oil Free Dual Head 30 L/min GM-0.50B 110V Professional
Masterflex Precision Pump Tubing C-Flex
New unused masterflex 77200-60 pump head
Peristaltic Pump Cole Parmer Masterflex 7014-00 Quantity 2 LIQUIDATION
LKB Bromma Model 2132 Single-Channel Microperpex Peristaltic Pump
MD1C VACUUBRAND® Oil-Free Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps
CTI-Cryogenics On-Board 10 Cryopump P/N 8112910G001 w/Soft Key Display
Leybold Screwline SP-630F Dry Pump
Edwards EPX180L Vacuum Dry Pump (new surplus)
Gast DOA-P104-AA Vacuum Pump With 2 Gauges
Welch 2.3 cfm High Capacity 4-Head Oil-Free Diaphragm Chemical Vacuum Pump
Wood Tray Top Receptacle Mahogany Mahogany Laminate
Pfeiffer PM P04 299 SPLITFLOW 310 Turbo Pump PMP04299 D-35614 Asslar With TC 400
Cole-Palmer 7592-40 Peristaltic Pump-Drive Easy-Load Masterflex I/P 77601-10
NEW Heidolph Rotavac 20 Valve-Regulated Vacuum Pump 2 mbar Hei-VAP Evaporator ++
Best Value Vacs CMEP-OL Oil-less Explosion Proof Recovery Pump
Isco 6712FR **NEW** Refrigerated Wastewater Sampler WARRANTY
Cole-Parmer Masterflex Set - Motor, Controller, & 6 Peristaltic Pump Heads
Teledyne ISCO 1000D Syringe Pump
Varian TV301 NAV Factory Refurbished Turbo Pump, Certified By Vac-Tech, Inc.
Honda CR 500 R / CR500 incl. Mountingplate Coil Stator Rotor CDI Ignition Power
401/301 Turbo Pump, Varian, Agilent, Turbo Pump, Brand New 401/301 Pump, New
Metrohm 772 Peristaltic Pump - BRAND NEW
Vacuum Pump, Welch, 1402N-01
Busch 630 Vacuum Pump
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JDSU Introduces New Commercial Lasers for Manufacturing and Life Science Markets
First, JDSU introduced its ST Series Fiber Laser Pump ... Sciences JDSU also introduced today its FCD561 Series, the newest addition to its frequency converted diode (FCD) family of continuous-wave lasers for the Life Sciences market. Commonly used in the ...
The Economy of Scales
But if aquaculture can supply the middle—the standard consumer, the restaurants—so that we’re not taking biomass out of the ocean and out ... “and sometimes there are harmful algal blooms around them, and their immune system[s] [are] compromised ...
General Laboratory Equipment: Global Markets
The lab equipment market ... market research studies in the healthcare domain. Some of these include: Healthcare tracking technologies. Molecular diagnostics market. High-growth markets in healthcare and life sciences. Adoption rates and analysis of ...
A Whole New Way to Look at Those Pesky Summer Mosquitos and Nature
TARRYTOWN, N.Y.--(BUSINESS ... science and math. According to Carole Berman, Camp Director, “The Challenge Camp course, Adventures in the Lab, stimulates and encourages a love of science. Microscopy enables campers to enhance their ability to examine ...
MBA from Johnson at Cornell NYC Tech Innovates Business Education for the Connected World
"The MBA from Johnson is a vital part of our effort to create a new model of tech education that brings the energy, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovation of the tech eco-system directly onto campus," said Daniel P. Huttenlocher, dean of Cornell ...
QB3, partnership to open new, large life sciences incubator
QB3 and Dewey Land Co. Inc. expect to open a new life sciences incubator — about 24,000 ... The partnership is leasing the property, an industrial building that formerly housed a medical equipment manufacturer, from Dewey, and profits from ...