Business & Industrial Healthcare, Lab & Life Science Lab Equipment Shakers
Brunswick Innova 2000 Orbital Platform Shaker 13" x 11"
Orbital Shaker, adjustable Speed at 20-210rpm, 110V
Waverly S1C-E Analog Orbital Shaker with 9x9" anti-slip platform, 120V
Stainless Steel Mesh Sieve Set
Bellco Rocker Platform Mixer Rotator 7740-S0039
Omega Engineering Industrial Rotameter FL-3063SA
Instant lab is available for life science startups
Most of the lab equipment was either purchased through the state of Michigan or was redundant equipment donated by companies including Pfizer Animal Health ... life science businesses. It opened in 2003. Western Michigan University’s Business Technology ...
General Laboratory Equipment: Global Markets
The lab equipment market ... market research studies in the healthcare domain. Some of these include: Healthcare tracking technologies. Molecular diagnostics market. High-growth markets in healthcare and life sciences. Adoption rates and analysis of ...
General Laboratory Equipment: Global Markets
The lab equipment market is extremely complex in nature ... Bhavna Joshi has more than six years of healthcare domain experience. In addition to business research and consulting, she has conducted corporate briefings for top players in a ...
NTU and Rolls-Royce in S$75 million tie-up
The Rolls-Royce@NTU Corporate Lab is the first of its kind in the world with a university ... has 33,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students in the colleges of Engineering, Business, Science, and Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences.
Research and Markets: Laboratory Equipment Market Report 2013: The UK Laboratory Equipment Market Is Projected To Grow By 11.3% between 2013 and 2017
The laboratory equipment ... as the National Health Service (NHS) and local education authorities, to Government organisations, private hospitals and clinics, and industrial companies. Public-sector laboratories, such as university science departments ...
LabNet Laboratory Vortex Mixer, Used, fully functional
Brass Sand Sieve Set Gilson Company Inc.
Food/Industrial Processing:Automatic Sifter,Shaker Machine,Screening,screen deck
Heavy Brass Gauge Standard Testing 6 Set Sieve w/ Lid & Catch Pan USA Shipping
VWR Foam Support Rods For Shaker Platform 18x18
Micro-oscillator,XK96-3,lab Micro-oscillator
Gilson SS-23 Gilson Wet/Dry Sieve Vibrating Shaker
Scientific Industries Vortex-Genie 2 with one attachment
WS Tyler 3" USA Standard Testing Sieve: No 40 opening .0165 inches
VWR Scientific Double Tier Rocking Platform Laboratory Shaker Model 200
Fisher Scientific MiniRoto Mixer Model S56 by IKA
Heidolph REAX 2000 Vortex ~ Euro Plug ~ Made In Germany
FISHER SCIENTIFIC SIEVE - MODEL 40 8" Tyler 35 Mining, Sand, Gravel
PRO Scientific Standard Universal Homogenizing Package (115V) PRO-PK-01200UHS
New!! Thermo Forma MaxQ 420HP Benchtop Orbital Shaker 420 SHKE420HP 6mo Wrty
Benchmark Scientific H1010 Incu-Shaker 10L
Boekel 320140 Interchangeable Side Clamp Assembly for Flask Shaker, 2 Position
New Thermo Forma MaxQ420HP/Shaker Kit/ Benchtop Orbital Shaker/Univ Platfrm/Wrty
NEW VWR Analog Mini Vortexer in original box! New! 230 Volts!
Scientific Industries SI-1400 Shaking Rotating Incubator Genie
Benchmark Scientific OrbiShaker w/ flat mat platform Orbital Shaker BT3000, 115V
Benchmark Scientific BT4000 Orbi-Shaker CO2 w/ Remote Controller Rubber Mat 115V
Benchmark Scientific H5000-HC MultiTherm Shaker with Heat/Cool
Benchmark Scientific BT4000 Orbi-Shaker CO2 with Remote Controller
220V Big Vibrating Screen/Screener Deck(Stainless Steel,1.5KW,120cm,1-Deck)New
Lab-Line Orbit Shaker No. 3590 - Good Working condition with Holder / Clamps
VWR S 500 Orbital Shaker, 12.5 x 10.5 Inch, 120 V
Benchmark Scientific H5000-H MultiTherm Shaker with Heating Only
Benchmark Scientific H5000-HC-E MultiTherm Shaker with Heat/Cool, 230V
DPC MicroMix 5 Microplate Shaker, Four Positions + Accessory Tube Racks
Glas-Col Mini-Rotator, 120V
DPC MicroMix 5 Microplate Shaker, Four Positions
Barnstead Vari-Mix Test Tube Rocker, 120 V, M48725
Talboys Professional 1000RS Incubating Rocker Shaker
Thermo Scientific-Mint MaxQ 2506 Analog Open-Air Reciprocating Shaker / Wrrnty
VWR Waver Platform Gyratory Shaker, 115V #3
Benchmark Scientific BenchRocker 3D Nutation Shaker B3D2300, 115V, NEW
Barnstead Lab-Line MaxQ 3000 SHKE3000 Benchtop Orbital Shaker 4 month Warranty
Benchmark Scientific BT3000 Orbi-Shaker with Flat Mat Platform
Benchmark Scientific BT3000-E Orbi-Shaker with Flat Mat Platform, 230V
220V Vibrating Sieve Machine for Granule/Powder/Grain Electric Lab Shaker 1-4mm
Talboys 945620 Digital Pulse Vortex Mixer 500-3000rpm
IKA VWR MV1 Mini Vortexer 200-2500RPM
Gilson Soil Lab Tapping Industrial Machine Equipment Sieve Shaker SS-8R
Thermo Scientific Compact Digital Rocker Cat. 88880019 Used Works Great
Benchmark Scientific H1010-E Incu-Shaker 10L, 230V
VWR Mini Shaker 12620-938, 21.8 Wx29.7 D cm Platform, 3mm Orbit, 100–1200 RPM
Gemmy Industrial Orbital Shaker VRN-210, 75 to 250 rpm, Platform 21.5x17.5 cm
Barnstead Bigger Bill Digital Shaker Model M49235, 21.125" x 21.125" Platform
VWR Analog Multi-Tube Vortexer 58816-115, 120V, 50/60Hz, 3.6mm Eccentric Orbit
DLAB 8032422100 Sk-D3309-Pro, Lcd Digital 3D Shaker (Including Of A Platform 189
QTY 6 - 250mL Erlenmeyer Flask Orbital Shaker Clamps Stainless - NEW
Labnet Rocker 35 Shaker Used Nice Condition Tested S2035-D
CARRIER VIBRATING EQUIPT MVSI 9-31000-105 Vibratory Shaker Motor Drive 11HP
Tecan Te-Shake Orbital Mixer heating, Shaker of Microplates Deckware Evo Genesis
Benchmark Scientific H5000-H-E MultiTherm Shaker with Heating Only, 230V
Benchmark Scientific BT4000-E Orbi-Shaker CO2 with Remote Controller, 230V
Lab-Line Instruments Cel-Gro Rotator Model No. 1507
IKA Labortechnik Stirrer/Shaker Table KS250 Basic Tested Working
Benchmark Scientific BR1000 Rocker Used Tested Nice
New Brunswick Scientific G-25 Controlled Environment Incubator Shaker M1024-0000
New Forney Sieve Shaker 8" Tapping and Circular
Scientific Industries Enviro-Genie SI-1200 Shaker Incubator *No Magnetic Plate*
Troemner Multi Tube Vortexer VX-01
Benchmark Scientific B3D2300 BenchRocker 3D Nutating Shaker
Benchmark Scientific BT30 Orbi-Blotter with Flat Mat Platform
Benchmark Scientific B3D2300-E BenchRocker 3D Nutating Shaker, 230V
Benchmark Scientific B3D1320 BioMixer 3D Nutating Shaker
Benchmark Scientific BT1010 Orbi-Shaker XL Orbital Shaker
"New" In Box, Fisher Scientific Clinical Rotator 341 Mixer Shaker
Benchmark Scientific BT3000-MR MAGic Clamp universal Platform (LG)
Benchmark Scientific H1000-MR MAGic Clamp Universal Platform
Benchmark Scientific B3D1320-E BioMixer 3D Nutating Shaker, 230V
Scientific Industries Vortex Genie 2 Vortex Mixer with Test Tube Top w Warranty
VWR Platform Shaker Model 15000-1 Cat. 89032-116 w/18 flask holders, Ref.#38925
Thermo Scientific MaxQ 4000 Benchtop Orbital Shaker
Tecan Te-Shake Microplate Shaker Orbital Base - Freedom EVO
Boekel 260350 Rocker II w/ 12x12 Platform
Labnet Orbit P2 Digital Orbital Microplate Shaker
New Brunswick G-33-A Platform Shaker (R21)
Dlab SK-D1807-E Analog 3D Shaker (including of a platform 18900185), angle7¡, US
Corning LSE Digital Microplate Shaker S2020-P4-COR Used Tested Excellent
Illumina High-Speed Microplate Shaker 11197831
DLAB 8031312100 Mx-T6-Pro,Lcd Digital Tube Roller, Variable Speed, 6 Rollers
Parr 3916-EGX Hydrogenation Apparatus with Explosion Proof Motor and Switch
DLAB 8032210100 Sk-O180-Pro,Digital Orbital Shaker, Without Attachment
Unholtz Dickie Model T 206 Electrodynamic Shaker Vibration Test System
New Brunswick Scientific Excella E5 Platform Shaker M1355-0000 ~ Mint Condition
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General Laboratory Equipment: Global Markets
The lab equipment market is ... market research studies in the healthcare domain. Some of these include: Healthcare tracking technologies.Molecular diagnostics market.High-growth markets in healthcare and life sciences.Adoption rates and analysis of ...
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ZEISS is working towards integrated workflow solutions for life sciences and materials research ... In the markets for Industrial Solutions, Research Solutions, Medical Technology and Consumer Optics, ZEISS has contributed to technological progress ...
MBA from Johnson at Cornell NYC Tech Innovates Business Education for the Connected World
The campus is currently housed in the Google building in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. Cornell NYC Tech launched its first degree program in January - a Cornell University Master of Engineering in Computer Science. In addition to the MBA from ...
A Whole New Way to Look at Those Pesky Summer Mosquitos and Nature
According to Carole Berman, Camp Director, “The Challenge Camp course, Adventures in the Lab, stimulates and encourages a love of science ... Business, which includes information and telecommunication systems, power systems, industrial ...
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Her experience includes public utilities and public law litigation, federal and state contracts and regulatory matters, and business litigation of all types. She also has significant experience in health care and life sciences matters. Howard Hanna has ...
QB3, partnership to open new, large life sciences incubator
QB3 and Dewey Land Co. Inc. expect to open a new life sciences incubator — about 24,000 ... The partnership is leasing the property, an industrial building that formerly housed a medical equipment manufacturer, from Dewey, and profits from ...